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Apple Music: The Ultimate Guide

By iMore Editors

  • Release Date: 2015-08-21
  • Genre: Digital Media
Score: 3.5
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Apple Music is, to quote the company, "All the ways you love music. All in one place." It offers a music subscription service, curated playlists, an always-on 24/7 radio station, and access to your Mac’s library from any devices with iCloud Music Library.

Naturally, such an ambitious service isn’t without its complications. If you want to love Apple Music, but it’s got you scratching your head, we’ve got the guide for you. In this book, we cover Apple Music’s basics, the difference between Apple Music and iTunes Match, what iCloud Music Library is (and what it does), and how to use iOS 8.4’s Music app, Apple Music Siri commands, and iTunes 12.2.


  • Charging for this guide??!!

    By Pammied52
    I am 63 and have always used Apple products. But Apple has some issues. How do you justify offering a new complicated service for music and offer nothing but a guide that I have to buy??? People my age are not so tech savvy. I was at an Apple Store this morning and one of the specialists gave me a great overview of Apple Music. He showed me lots of things I can do. Unfortunately, I have forgotten most of them upon arriving home!!? Come on Apple. Give us a break!
  • Simply awful.

    By mbatech
    Use apples website. It's much better.
  • Apple has a website just for Apple Music! Do Not Buy!

    By Thomas.Simmons
    Apple Music is so easy to use and there is no need for anyone to purchase this guide. Just visit Apple Music website which includes several of guides and videos which show you how to use Apple Music. Don’t spend $4.99 for this guide just spend $4.99 on 5 $0.99 songs.
  • I'm sorry but CHARGING for this??!!

    By StephanieG38
    I love Apple don't get me wrong. Now that I've gone iPhone I will never go back to another type of phone. But it does have one massive hold back. Charging for music & then now I see charging for a GUIDE to operate an app that APPLE owns?? I disagree with that & think it's wrong to try to make $ off info on using their product. That's a HUGE turn-off for me. Just my opinion no one has to agree with me.
  • Informative view of Apple Music

    By Tom Roughley
    Content is incredible and the most comprehensive look of Apple Music out there.
  • A really helpful guide!

    By T. Swift
    I have been using iTunes for 12 years, have had an iTunes Match subscription since that started, and now have enrolled the Apple Music Family subsciption. I always try to understand how new updates and services work - sometimes great without needing any thinking or work, but often in different ways or with some differences. Serenity’s extensive work and organization to make the latest Apple Music and iTunes world clear, organized, and comprehensible is super valuable to me. And her examples, have already taught me 5 things that I now use that I would have never had enough time to poke around and discover. Finally, I do also recommend as a gift for parents or relatives.
  • Gift it to your dad, aunt , grandpas

    By Dnfjdjddn
    Covers the basics of apple music, if you read reviews and download ebooks, its fair to assume you know all of this content, and its not for you. But the idea is to support a writter of a blog you read and enjoy, the only reason i suggest to buy it is to gift it to someone who is novice with technology but you think might enjoy apple music, and needs a reference point to look back on. The comments of the author that it costs the same as a coffee is irellevant, I could donate this 5 dollars instead of buying an ebook and explain it myself to the person.