Love Unending - Becky Thompson

Love Unending

By Becky Thompson

  • Release Date: 2017-01-03
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 5
From 22 Ratings


How can I remember how to be a wife when it takes all I’ve got to be a momma?

Since becoming a mom, do you ever feel like your marriage no longer receives the attention it needs to thrive? Do you ever wonder how you’re supposed to re-center your heart on your husband when you are so busy with everything else?

Those feelings we experienced in the first days of love and marriage often become buried beneath hurried life, active children, and mountains of bills and laundry. Maybe you’ve questioned and perhaps even worried if you’ll ever again experience romance as you did in the beginning—that newness of what it meant to be fully caught up in one another. But what if you could rekindle that fresh sort of love? What if there was a secret to love unending?

For the next twenty-one days, journey with Becky Thompson to remember what life was like when you first fell in love with your husband. Each daily challenge, reflection, and prayer will refocus your attention, re-center your heart, reignite the romance, and help you rediscover your marriage in the midst of motherhood.

Take the Love Unending 21-day challenge and discover the best way forward is to look back at the beginning.


  • Life-changing

    By RLGina
    My marriage of ten years had taken a significant downward turn after the births of my 3 little blessings. I knew I should give my husband more (more time, more attention, more affection) but I honestly didn’t know how. I started a journey to “fix” things about 4 years ago with little progress. 21 days…that’s it…21 days through the Love Unending challenge and we’ve seen more progress than in the last 4 years of trying. And by trying, I mean marriage seminars, weekends away, pray for your spouse books, other books that offered daily challenges…nothing worked! You might ask…what’s different about this one?! God placed on my heart about 6 months ago a command to “Love him” (him being my husband) and I STRUGGLED for months. Over and over I’d hear God and I’d think I KNOW but HOW?!? I seriously did not know how to love my husband well. Becky’s book and her grace-filled truths taught me how to love my husband again. This 21-day challenge was hard but it was totally doable and I’m so glad I stuck with it. Through daily journal, prayer, Becky’s amazing stories, and God’s heart whispers, I was take back to the beginning of our relationship so I could remember the foundations of our love. I realized what an amazing man God has provided for me and I began to treat him as such! I found ways to reconnect with my husband. This journey changed MY heart in so many ways…and I knew that was the key all along, I just didn’t know HOW. I first did the challenge 3 months ago and I marvel at where my relationship is with my husband now. This book has helped me to refocus on my marriage while still balancing my role as “mommy.” I never thought I would feel like I was succeeding at both, but Love Unending has shown me that when I focus on making my marriage a priority, the “momma” role actually gets easier too!
  • Marriage Game Changer!

    By Momc8681
    After a difficult pregnancy and with a toddler and brand new baby at home, my husband's job layoff my husband and I were disconnected to say the least. I felt it would take a miracle to get us back on track, the task felt so daunting! That miracle came with Thompson's book, Love Unending - a practical 21 day, prayer-filled challenge for wives. There are other books like this, as well, but this one was different - it catered to the mama's heart, addressed issues that are specific to marriage with kids and babies. What a SUCCESS! It saved us before things continued on a downward spiral. Thank you, Becky, for your wonderful work! I will continue doing these challenges until the end of my days and will recommend this book to every mother and wife I know!
  • To Every Married Momma:

    By MacKenzie Prus
    Maybe you have a great relationship with your husband, maybe you’re traveling on a rocky road and need a friend to hold your hand and help you out, or maybe you have a failing marriage and are grasping for straws right now. No matter where you are, momma, friend, Love Unending has something for you. The second book from Becky Thompson is an simple, yet fulfilling challenge that will gently guide you back day-by-day to the reasons you first fell for your husband. Love Unending is a marriage changer. It’s encouraging, revitalizing and exciting. If you’re willing to fight for your marriage, to better your marriage, or simply update your marriage, get your hands on this! It will be the most rewarding twenty-one days of the year!
  • A healthy reminder that before I was mommy, I was Mrs.

    By Elizabeth, Silver Director
    I walked right up to my husband, wrapped my arms around his neck, gave him a kiss, and then pulled him in to a warm hug. "What was that for?" He asked, smiling. "I just realized I have the marriage of my dreams, that's all." This is what has culminated after 15 days of reading Becky Thompson of @scissortail silk's new book-- "Love Unending: Rediscovering your marriage in the midst of motherhood." Don't get me wrong. We weren't in marriage turmoil or crisis before. Neither of us would have said we were unhappy. (Although we've been there, too.) But we were living more like really friendly roommates than two people deep in love and sharing a covenant with each other and God. Somewhere between the bills and the spills we had become routinely unromantic. Kids will do that to you. ❤ This book was a practical, biblical, and thought provoking reminder of how precious marriage is and where to start rebuilding when it gets off track. I have a hunch this could not only improve complacent relationships, but also resurrect desperate ones. I highly recommend it. This book was a practical, biblical, and thought provoking reminder of how precious marriage is and where to start rebuilding when it gets off track. I have a hunch this could not only improve complacent relationships, but also resurrect desperate ones. I highly recommend it.
  • Just what I needed

    By Zbanks
    Love Unending was just the book I was looking for to help me refocus. I became a mom six months ago. It has been the most rewarding yet difficult and challenging jobs I have had. In addition to mom, I also juggle the hat of a teacher. Working full time, raising our son and trying to be the best wife I can be is hard. But Becky’s book gives practical ways to help keep my marriage a priority in the midst of the every day craziness. During the 21 day challenge, each day you read a story from her life, are given a new challenge to strengthen your relationship with your husband, have time for predicting how your husband will react and then a reflection time. Each chapter is manageable to read in a short amount of time. I hope you find the book as helpful as I have! I can’t wait to reread it.
  • I love and recommend this book!

    By Mrs.P a must read book
    I love this book and I'm confident I'll read it many more times for a reminder. This book has helped me refocus my marriage and treat my husband with love and respect. This book helped me remember how I treated my husband when we first fell in love. I have been able to change my focus on changing myself and not changing my husband. After this 21 day challenge I can say I've seen a difference in how my husband and I interact!
  • A must have!

    By Kelli_W
    The subtitle (rediscovering your marriage in the midst of motherhood) perfectly describes the book. This book is perfect for all marriages to help get you back to a place your marriage was before kids, to help rediscover the love you once had before kids. It completely changed my heart and way of thinking about my marriage for the best. I think every momma needs this book!
  • A must read

    By JenilynH
    I didn't read this book because my marriage was in jeopardy. The reason I read this book was because I wanted to invest in my relationship with my husband. My pastor often says when talking about marriage that the grass isn't greener on the other side- it is greener where you water it. So true! With two kids now, I have found myself investing a lot of my time and energy into them but not as much in my husband. And, to be honest when the kids go to college I don't want us to be strangers. Through this book I was able to reposition my heart and my attitude in my daily interactions with my husband so that we can face life like we did when we first met, full of love and excitement. No matter where your marriage is, you should read this book.
  • Great for Wives

    By BethKari
    Becky really hits the nail on the head with this book! I didnt realize how "comfortable" I had become in my marriage until I took a step back and began reading this book. This is an eye-opener (in a good way) and great for wives no matter the season of life they may be in.
  • Change

    By Taylor D. 88
    So often we want someone else to change (hubby). However, this book has changed my thinking, my heart and I am seeing so much change in my marriage. It's a super easy read and after just five days in, I am blessed! You will not regret pouring your heart into your marriage and this book is the perfect start!