Love Me If You Dare - Carly Phillips

Love Me If You Dare

By Carly Phillips

  • Release Date: 2017-08-08
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 13 Ratings


When hostage negotiator Rafe Mancuso takes a bullet to save Sara Rios, his former partner, his actions make him a bona fide hero - and New York City's newest most eligible bachelor. Then Rafe admits that Sara is much more than just another woman he's rescued. Suddenly, a firestorm of gossip turns him into exactly what he doesn't want to be: the Bachelor Blog's newest hot topic. His only solution is to leave town and get himself out of the spotlight… and sexy, jaded Sara out of his mind.

NYPD officer Sara Rios has Rafe to thank for saving her life, and Rafe to blame for the media chaos surrounding her. She wants to throw herself back into duty at full throttle, but until her injuries heal, she's on leave and in search of her rescuer. From the moment she finds Rafe and meets his large, boisterous family, she's hooked. But mutual attraction doesn't always mean happily-ever-after, and these two have a long way to go to find their fairy-tale ending.


  • Love Me If You Dare by Carly Phillips

    By Jen G F
    ARC for honest review with no compensation Love Me If You Dare by Carly Phillips is the 2nd book in the Bachelor Blog series and we meet up with Sara and Rafe again. These two were partners and when Rafe started to have feelings for Sara he decided to transfer out of their division now they are back working on a case together when he comes to her rescue and he becomes the next Bachelor Blog hero…. Will these two finally admit their feelings for each other or will they just go back to being friends????
  • A Great Read

    By Eileen A-W
    Love Me If You Dare, the second book in Carly Phillips’ Most Eligible Bachelor series is another good read. Rafe Mancuso, a hostage negotiator, suddenly becomes the latest topic of the Bachelor Blog after taking a bullet to save his former partner, NYPD officer Sara Rios. We met these two in the first book of the series, Kiss Me If You Can. Rafe tries to keep Sara safe as well as change her mind toward marriage and relationships, after her previous failed ones. The time Rafe & Sara spend with Rafe’s family is fun, offering some humor to the story. The chemistry between these two was amazing and the more time these two spend together the stronger their attraction becomes. Ms. Phillips is a wonderful storyteller which was demonstrated in this wonderful story. This book is a re-issue of a previously published story but with updated content. The humor and light hearted fun does remain. I enjoyed reading this book again and had trouble putting it down. I highly recommend this outstanding book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
  • Fun and entertaining story!

    By tsmb02(Sue G.)
    Rafe Mancuso and Sara Rios used to be partners for the NYPD. Rafe was engaged at the time but was drawn to Sara so he switched jobs not be tempted. Now both of them are single and Sara asked Rafe if he was interested in working security for The Lancaster Foundation's fundraiser where they would be auctioning off jewelry for their cause. What they both thought would be an easy night, turns into mayhem when Rafe takes a bullet meant for Sara. This earns Rafe the title of New York City's most eligible bachelor. Trying to escape the craziness, Rafe heads to his other house in Hidden Falls, NY, where he grew up. Back in New York City, Sara is being threatened because she is a key witness in a murder trial. To escape the threats, Sara heads to Hidden Falls with the hope of staying with Rafe for awhile until the trial starts. With both of these two living in the same house, things quickly turn romantic. Rafe realizes he wants a real relationship with Sara, unfortunately Sara only wants a friends-with-benefits type relationship. As they spend more and more time together, Sara realizes that she really likes Rafe's big, large, crazy family and maybe being in a real relationship might not be so bad. Too quickly Sara is spooked and runs away just as dangerous situations are closing in on them. It takes a lot of soul searching for Sara to realize what she really wants in life, but eventually she decides to take the leap. Both of these characters were fun and quirky. Their love story with a little of bit of a mystery thrown in was fun and entertaining. I just adored Rafe's entire extended family! Gotta love big Italian families! Overall, this was a fun story to read.
  • Awesome couple!

    By Cali Jewel
    Sexy, Sweet, Entertaining, Emotionally thrilling romantic adventure with two people that have been fighting an attraction for far to long. Rafe Mancuso is all sexy, hot alpha male with a need to protect. He is a hostage negotiator and NYPD officer Sara Rios's former partner. Sara is a sassy, sexy and independent female not really looking for forever but might have just stumbled into it anyway. Loved all the heart pounding action and emotional twists. Was a greatly entertaining afternoon in the backyard sipping a cold beverage (or two) reading.
  • Another good book in this series

    By Christine Miller28
    I was excited that Sara and Rafe were going to get their story told. When we met them at the end of the Bachelor Blog book 1, I knew there was more than a friendship going on there. I felt like Sara had a lot of the same relationship issues that our heroine in the first book had. Sara doesn't believe that marriage is forever and cops can't have a good marriage. Rafe has been drawn to Sara for a long time, but knows how she feels about relationships. When Sara comes to Rafe because she is in danger, he is hoping that the close proximity will break down her walls. This was a good story with a little bit of mystery and intrigue thrown in, too. Good read in this series.
  • A fantastic must read!!!

    By sferguson105
    I just finished this book, and wow! What a phenomenal read!!! I completely adored Rafe and Sara together. Sara is a strong, kick butt heroine, who's a bit guarded with her heart. Rafe is a sexy alpha type hero, who you can't help but fall in love with. The mystery/suspense elements in this book were perfect, and while I had my suspicions about who was behind what, there was definitely a few surprises thrown in. Rafe's family was awesome, and makes you wish you were part of it. This is definitely a must read!
  • Another great read

    By tree7404
    This was a great read and a rerelease from Carly Phillips. Rage and Sara are a great couple that we met in the first book in this series Kiss me if you can. Can Rafe keep Sara safe and also change her mind about marriage and relationships. There was so much going on in this book I did not want to put this book book down between the Sara and Rafe, Angel and Nick, Pirro and then keeping Sara safe and her job. Even though this was a rerelease this was the first time I read this book and I was definitely not disappointed and this is one of my favorite book by this author.