The Chip - George Jack

The Chip

By George Jack

  • Release Date: 2017-06-27
  • Genre: Action & Adventure


In a world where computers seem to be taking over, The Chip is on our side. The Chip’s story, although spectacular, begins in the same unspectacular way all of our stories do. Stanley’s parents, Jane and James had always wanted to have a child and knew they would not be complete without one. When Stanley was born, life seemed perfect, at least until the day when Stanley started to develop some strange habits and what some might call superpowers. Pulled out of his everyday life by tragedy and treachery, Stanley must survive in the cruel world he finds himself in, a world where he becomes the subject of lab testing and learns to survive almost entirely on his own. At the same time, however, he finds one benefit amid the horror: the implants he is given allow him control over his powers. Melding together a flair for the dramatic and a sense of the commonplace, author George Jack brings to life a society in chaos in need of a savior. That savior is The Chip, Stanley’s super alter ego. Set in the early twenty-first century, the story of The Chip reads more like a plausible biography than a work of science fiction. Of course, it is the biography of a young man with superpowers and enhanced cybernetics, but no one is perfect.