Just a Little Sequel - Tracie Puckett

Just a Little Sequel

By Tracie Puckett

  • Release Date: 2013-10-03
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 5
From 438 Ratings


It’s one year, two months, and five days later, and Julie is still dealing with a lot of doubt. Finally having her Uncle Charlie’s blessing, she’s eager to move forward in her relationship with Luke. But something’s up with her adoring boyfriend, and she can’t quite decipher his odd behavior. And Luke’s only the beginning of her problems: Matt’s moved home from college with a big secret, her best friend is growing up too fast for her liking, and Charlie is refusing to loosen his grip. With the sudden and strange tension growing between Charlie and Luke, Julie begins to question a lot, and her doubt only grows deeper. She’s been praying for her happily ever after from the beginning, but she soon learns that getting that happy ending isn’t as easy as it seems. 


  • OMG

    By Reviesgurl
    I've only read the free books because I don't have money on ITunes!! I really want ugh these where free
  • Love

    By Pinklicious12
    I love this serie! Just like her other one :)
  • OMG

    By vlyssv
    OMG... This book was the best book I have ever read in my life. I love tracie pucketts books and I hope she continues to write books. I want the books to become a movie. I would watch it over and over again. I think buying the books was really worth it. So yea I'm gonna say infinity stars out of infinity. Love it. 😸😻😸😻😸😻😸
  • Just a Little Sadness

    By Taylor Morze
    I loved this series. Seriously, I hate reading I find it extremely boring. But this book was something else. I literally cried in school to the first and second book and couldn't wait to read the rest. I'm extremely heartbroken that the series is over. (I think?) I want to be a part of the book and learn about later life for Luke and Julie. Hopefully it's not over I have recommended this book to everyone I know and I extremely suggest you read it.
  • Heart broken💔

    By Sunshiner_gotta_shine
    Oh my goodness! After i finished the webster grove series i knew i had to read more from Tracie Pucket, so i went on a search for more and found this amazingly wonderful series! I instanly fell in love with it to the point where i'd find myself reading at 1:30 am and i just didnt want to put it down. I still cant believe its over, not because it felt incomplete, but because i just couldnt get enough of it! I had trouble finding words to describe Tracie Pucket's work, but i can only say that she was given a talent! And i hope that she keeps sharing her incredible gift with her loving audience for a long, long time. Hope to read more from you Btw.... Could you mabey think up an extra special ending to spoil luke and julie's future?! For example... Their wedding, did they have children?, did they live happily ever afte? Im just sayin' cause it kept haunting my thoughts and im seriously suffering over the fact that i finished thd book and i cant get over it😪 But seriously love you, love your work😍☺️😘😋📖📚✏️
  • Best series ever!!!!!

    By Moosie goose
    I this series and I hits reading but I couldn't but this book down I wish there was one more book!!!
  • Loose strings...

    By Chreesta9
    I loved the series, but I was so disappointed in the ending. There was such a build up of why Matt came home, but it was never revealed. Maybe he is getting his own book because I wouldn't expect there to be another sequel.
  • A lot a bit disappointed

    By AlyGurl89
    I love these books. I have all of them, however is was disappointed by the ending of this sequel, it left you hanging. So much more could have happened. For the sake of the books I hope there is another one coming out because the ending SUCKED!!!
  • More books!

    By Hockyprincess
    I want more books in this series. I wanna know what Julie and Lukes lives are like once theyre married and if they ever have kids of their own.
  • Best

    By Balkeyk903
    This is the best series I have ever read. It makes me think of the true meaning of love. I just want the author to keep making more to the book. It makes you realize the true things in a relationship. Julie and Luke are a perfect couple I couldn't pick anyone better for them to be with. I want them to make it into a movie or a tv series and not one detail from the book. I'm glad everything turned out to be how Luke and Julie really wanted. They both got their family back and got to trust each other. Needs to have a new part the book next. THE BEST BOOK REALLY I HAVE EVER READ. The author did a amazing job putting every character and detail in the book. She makes you picture ever detail in the book in your mind of how it happens. It's crazy a lot of the things Luke and Julie went through I have gone through. So I relate to this book a lot it's crazy how a book can do that. From the beginning of the book I came so apart of the movie that I felt like I was Julie. My life is all over because this book was my life. I have read this series so many times already.