Thieves and Kings Issue 2 - Mark Oakley

Thieves and Kings Issue 2

By Mark Oakley

  • Release Date: 2014-11-20
  • Genre: Fantasy


The second issue in Mark Oakley’s epic fantasy/adventure comic book series!

Spanning more than 1000 pages, Thieves & Kings follows the swashbuckling adventures of the young thief Rubel over the rooftops of Oceansend.  Filled with drama, love, humour and magic, heartfelt and unique, Thieves & Kings combines classic panel by panel comic book story-telling with illustrated text passages to create a rich and exciting tale for readers of all ages.

A hidden comic book gem, discover why Thieves & Kings has been a favourite among thousands of readers!

In the second issue, it is a bright morning and Rubel and Varkias set off on their first day together into the city, eager to find the princess and their fortune, but they encounter unforeseen challenges on the way…